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ErmiaTreejer Team
Earth Ambassador
Asked a question 2 years ago

How can I use Treejer on Ropsten Test Network?

Where am I?

In Treejer Community you can ask and answer questions and share your experience with others!

Disclaimer: In test environment, Treejer detects your network automatically and warns you to prevent sending real Ether to test-net which is an irreversible action. But since the product is in Beta, it's your sole responsibility to check the network before signing any transaction to prevent loss. Please use at your own risk!


What's the Ropsten Test Network?

The Ropsten test-net is essentially used as a testing environment before you start planting real trees. In contrast to the main-net, planting trees on the test-net is free as the trees are unreal. It's just a simulator!

Why does it exist?

  • For us, it helps to test our code before deploying code to the main-net (main network)
  • For you, it helps to play around with different features before spending real money

How can I use Treejer on Ropsten?

It's easy, just follow these steps:

  • Install Metamask120 Ethereum wallet on your browser
  • Get some free Ether on Ropsten47 to spend on planting unreal trees
  • Go to Uniswap47 and exchange Ether for DAI on the Ropsten network
  • Visit Treejer95 and connect your wallet
  • Open MetaMask and change your wallet network to "Ropsten Test Network"
  • Enjoy planting some unreal trees!


Remember: To play around with Treejer on test-net, you don't need to spend money. Also, the trees you add to your forest are unreal and are aimed to be used for testing purpose only.