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Asked a question 8 days ago

Can I plant trees in my area and get funded via Treejer?

Where am I?

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Treejer trees are supplied by Green Blocks, a community of local tree planters. To start a green block you must be located in one of countries listed in DAC List of ODA Countries1. Local communities in these countries are preferred to benefit from green development opportunities provided by Treejer protocol.

We'll be working with a limited number of local communities in Beta version of Treejer protocol. At the moment, each Green Block is assessed and selected based on environmental and social impact factors. If the community is selected, members are invited to join Treejer's Ranger app which is used by locals to submit and update planted trees. Community members need to connect their Ethereum wallet addresses to be able to get funded directly. To begin, members need a smart phone and internet access.

To apply, please send the following information to

  • Full name
  • Country
  • Location of the area (share Google Maps link)