We are happy to announce Treejer will be providing support to all planting communities that have commited to plant Genesis Trees as of today, November 23rd. Rural ambassadors, who lead this select group of planters, will be receiving a micro-grant of $400 USD each. This is the first batch of micro-grants enabled by Treejer’s Rural Development Fund. We appreciate the time, efforts and budget that they have dedicated to the protocol and we look forward to achieving big things together.

There are 13 elegible Rural Ambassadors from 8 different countries. They will be contacted by tomorrow to follow with the next steps and claim the micro-grant.

We encourage rural ambassadors to use the funds to:

  • Buy more seeds to continue planting trees via Treejer
  • Pay back any debt, specially if it was generated by an investment in tree planting
  • Invest in the development of involved communities

All grants will be provided in DAI, a cryptocurrency know as a stablecoin, which is always worth 1 USD. We will provide guidance on how to exchange DAI to your preferred currency. Grants will be sent to an Ethereum Wallet. We will also provide assitance on how to create one.

The journey is about to start and we are excited to be in this together!