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Feature Request
Feature Request

Feel free to share your favorite and most wanted features. Feature requests are grouped under three labels after you post them:

  • Under Review
  • Planned
  • In Progress

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Carbon footprint calculator

This feature helps users calculate their carbon footprint and reduce it by spending their own O2 tokens or buying it from others.

Feature Request
Someone who loves trees!

Invite tracking system

It's a good idea to implement an invite tracking system (referral mechanism). That is some kinda passive promotion and encouragement to invite friends.

Feature Request

Ability to add Seed/O2 to MetaMask after the first "send to wallet" transaction

It's pretty self-explanatory, but it's a nice feature to have in the mainnet version. At the moment to be able to see seed holdings in the wallet, we have to import the token smart contract manually.

Treejer Ranger app (for rural planters)

A lightweight PWA app to connect rural planters and ambassadors (supply side) to Treejer protocol. (This app has nothing to do with Treejer's current web app which is being developed for demand side or tree funders).